Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen Re-Model

We started to remove these cabinets on October 29. It's going to be a lengthy process to remove, strip, sand, stain, and polyurethane the cabinets, doors, and drawers. I'll put up new pictures as I take them.

The old kitchen cabinetry.

Pulling off the old countertop.

The old splashboard removed.

The cabinets have been moved away from the wall. The hole in the wall is from the old sink that used to be there years ago. You can see the edge of the undercabinet heat duct behind the cabinet.

The cabinets moved out completely. Yay!!!

This is what the large doors looks like with the paint sanded off. Oak cabinets were hiding underneath all that paint.

A sanded drawer face compared to an old drawer face.

Here's the kitchen wall with the plaster removed and a hole cut in the lathe board. I installed a new plug and fixed a loose plug in the dining room wall.

Drywall going back up over the old space.

The drawer cabinet completed stripped and sanded.

The undersink cabinet with the first coat of stain.

The opposite cabinet stripped and sanded.

Comparison photo of sanded vs. stained.

The cabinet doors after two coats of stain and awaiting their first coat of poly.

The drawer faces after their first coat of poly.

The old cabinets side-by-side after their first coat of poly.

An example of the finished product with the new hardware installed.

Removing another cabinet. A little patching work to do, but not too bad.

The lower cabinets are getting more stain. The cabinet left of the dishwasher has two coats, and the other cabinet has one coat.

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